Niagara College

Niagara College was founded in 1967 at Welland to supply more career-oriented courses to students. This was the very first college in Canada to show brewery and winery. the school had opened the Tourism Industry Development Center (TIDC) to coach students within the hospitality and tourism sector as Canada witnessed a swell in tourism.

The college has three active campuses- the Welland Campus, the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus, and therefore the Taif Campus. The campus at Welland is situated at 100 Niagara College Boulevard. This campus has an activity center, a campus store, a sports center, open computer labs, a cafeteria, and a library. It offers programs in acting for television and film, infancy education, center for policing and community safety studies, and broadcasting. it’s the Niagara Children’s Safety Village and therefore the new Welland YMCA.

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus is situated at 135 Taylor Road. It opened in 1998. This campus has the Niagara Waters Spa, dining room, Winery teaching section, and therefore the Niagara Culinary Institute. It also has living labs, field nursery, and onsite greenhouse equipment. Students of Niagara College cultivate various plants round the year that are sold to people and also wont to beautify the large campus. This campus also features a wine sensory laboratory and three onsite vineyards.

At the campus in Taif, Saudi Arabia , male citizens can avail courses in culinary studies, hospitality, business, management studies, and tourism. the school has been establishing a ‘national center for excellence’. A special studies program helps to show students entrepreneurship, English communications, and computers.

Niagara College Canada provides a bachelor’s course of study (International Commerce and Global Development). the school focuses on advanced technology, teaching English as a second language, food and wine sciences, and applied health and community safety. Learning about food, wine, horticulture and aesthetics is additionally a serious a part of learning at Niagara College.

Some notable alumni of Niagara College Canada are photographer Edward Burtynsky, politician Shirley Coppen, sportscaster Dan Dunleavy, politician Christel Haeck, politician Peter Kormos, and journalist Bernie McNamee.