All about Study in the UK | By Edumirchi Best Study Abroad Consultant

All about Study in the UK by Edumirchi best Study Abroad Consultant

All About Study in the UK :

Some of the Universities We Work With

  1. Canterbury Christ Church University
  2. University of Gloucestershire
  3. University of Bristol
  4. University of Bristol
  5. 5, University of Bedfordshire
  6. Manchester Metropolitan University
  7. University of Southampton
  8. Northumbria University
  9. University of Plymouth
  10. University of the West of England – UWE Bristol
  11. Lancaster University
  12. University of East London
  13. University of Greenwich
  14. University of Portsmouth
  15. University of Leeds
  16. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
  17. University of Bath
  18. University of Birmingham
  19. Cardiff Metropolitan University
  20. University of Chester
  21. University of East Anglia
  22. University of Edinburgh
  23. University of Northampton
  24. University of Nottingham
  25. University of Suffolk

Fees for International Students in UK

Fee for international students vary from 11, 0000 Pounds To 32,000 Pounds per year

Part-time Jobs

Student can work part-time, i.e. 20 hours per week (4 hours for 5 days). Working for more hours than allowed is punishable offence and student maybe deported to country of origin

Living Cost in UK for a Student

The cost of housing in the UK ranges from 500 to 700 GBP per month, which accounts for a sizable amount of an international student’s living expenses. Transportation, food, household goods, utilities, etc. are examples of additional costs. The following is a breakdown of the typical cost of living in the UK for an international student:

Particular Amount in GBP
Accommodation 5,300
Transportation 250
Utilities 500 -730
Course Material 400
Food and Household Items 1,500


Points to Be Noted

  1. We do only admissions in public universities (HEI) only, no private university
  2. We do not do admissions to colleges irrespective of it;s private or government
  3. Students may get scholarship of 1000 – 3000 pounds (from the fees shown in university websites)
  4. Average fees range between 11,0000 pounds to 20,000 pounds
  5. IELTS waiver is decided by university after assessing application and same will be conveyed to student in offer letter by respective university

Eligibility for Undergraduate Courses (Bachelors)

  1. 55% Marks in 12th
  2. 2 Years study gap accepted
  3. IELTS 6 with individual 6
  4. IELTS waiver maybe applicable for students with 70% marks in English in 12th
  5. For all medical and allied health sciences IELTS is must
  6. All undergraduate programs are for 3 years

Types of Masters in UK

There are majorly two types of MS degrees in UK- Research and Taught.

Taught Masters in UK: Four degrees in UK are offered in the form of Master’s taught programs. These are MA, MSc, MBA, and MEng. The assessments for these courses can be made through dissertations, exams, or projects.

Research Masters in UK: MRes,  MPhil, and certain MSc degrees in the UK are research-based MS courses. These are an integral part of these degrees and academic supervisors are often allocated to students pursuing any of these courses. These are similar to PhDs but are less academically demanding and last for a shorter duration.

Eligibility for Post Graduate Courses (Masters)

  1. 55% Marks in undergraduate program
  2. 20 Years study gap accepted
  3. IELTS 6 with individual 6
  4. IELTS waiver maybe applicable for students with 70% marks in English in 12th
  5. But students with long gap may not get IELTS waiver
  6. For all medical and allied health sciences IELTS is must
  7. All postgraduate programs are generally for 1 year


  • September/October (Fall Intake)
  • January/February (Winter Intake)
  • Some UK universities have additional intake in May for the selected courses

Stay back

UK offers 2 years stay back after undergraduate and post-graduate studies.  Please note:-stay back rules are subject to change.


Application > Offer Letter > fees payment> CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) > Visa Application


Accepting application and wavering of conditions for admission to studies are sole discretion of respective universities. Visa is issued under discretion of visa officer

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