How to find good Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore?

How to find good Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore?

Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore

Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore:

The classical fusion of conventional medicine and cutting-edge science is Ayurveda.

It is the second widely pursued field by students at top ayurvedic institutions in Karnataka or top Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore after MBBS.

Bangalore has been rated as one of the top BAMS colleges in Karnataka among the various BAMS institutions in India.

It’s challenging to get accepted at the best Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore. Specially for a student from outside of Karnataka who relies solely on online information.

You will frequently encounter false information regarding Bangalore’s Ayurveda colleges, including information about their fees, CCIM approval status, hospital facilities, and other topics.

Edumirchi is one of the leading Ayurvedic Medical admission consultants for providing the solution to college admission problems of students. We guide students by giving information about study openings in multiple parts of India.

We believe that ayurvedic medical students need to choose the right academic college for their bright future. We help them to prepare a list of top ayurvedic colleges which meets all essentials and budgets. We guide students appropriately in the admission process. We assure you of a smooth and hassle-free admission process.



How to pick the best Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore?

You would have received a list of Ayurvedic colleges but not able to decide which you should be opting for…

You need a professional help to choose the one which meets all your requirements.

It is where we pitch in.

Best University should qualify the below points.

  1. It must be approved by Ministry of Ayush
  1. Govt sanctioned 100 seats intake
  1. Many years old college with a great campus & equipment
  1. Internship opportunities


We are the best educational consultants who can help you to pick the best suited ayurvedic medical college.
Since many years we have guided the students and the parents to pick the best suited college as per their requirements.

Our faculty will be doing the site visit to understand the insights of all Ayurveda colleges.
Based on our research on cutoff trends and university results we recommend the best ones to all our students.

Get in touch with us for the most up-to-date information on Ayurveda colleges in Bangalore.


Feel free to reach out to us or drop a comment below in case you have any doubts. Our expert consultants are here to help.

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Do you want to get BAMS admission in Bangalore?

Do you want to get BAMS admission in Bangalore?

BAMS admission in Bangalore

Do you want to get BAMS admission in Bangalore?


One of the top Bangalore-based consultants for BAMS admission in Bangalore is “Edumirchi“. For a great future, medical students must pick the best academic college. We help students by providing information about Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) study choices from colleges and universities available in the country.

We assist you in creating a list of the best ayurvedic colleges within your desired financial reach. Being a one-stop shop for students seeking educational advice is the primary goal. We help you create a list of the top ayurvedic institutions that fall within your preferred financial reach.

The main goal is to act as the best solution for students to help them with academic guidance. We offer career advice courses to guide students in selecting renowned universities. The primary goal is to get admission to a preferable college. Our consultants guide you on the numerous possibilities for choosing top universities. In Bangalore, there are multiple private BAMS colleges.

To help students in choosing reputable universities, we provide career advising courses. The main objective is to provide students with the best bar consultancy service and provide information on the many options for selecting top universities college. There are numerous colleges for BAMS admission in Bangalore.


How to get BAMS admission in Bangalore


The BAMS colleges have an admissions procedure for choosing suitable candidates. The requirements for admission have for all BAMS colleges. Students applying for admission to BAMS College must meet the necessary qualifying requirements.

Students who enroll in our guidance help programs will receive comprehensive information regarding the application procedure, entrance exams, eligibility requirements, and the cost of attending BAMS college, among other things.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Pass in class 12th
  • Entrance Exam: Qualified in NEET entrance exam
  • Subjects in Class 12:Minimum 50% in class 12th PCB
  • Admission Mode First Come First Serve Basis (For Management Quota

Students who are seeking admission to BAMS colleges with good scores and ranks will have to pay BAMS college’s fees, as per the government. Students looking for admission to private colleges have to pay more fees. Private BAMS College’s fee is higher compared to government seats.

We cater to a large and diverse number of colleges and courses to provide maximum choice to students. We do access each case according to their preferences and financial condition and then suggest suitable colleges. We help students from different parts of the country to choose the best college for BAMS admission in Bangalore.


Our expert team is always there to answer your questions and offer guidance. We are one of the best study consultants in Bangalore.

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Is an Abroad Study Consultant beneficial to students?

Is an Abroad Study Consultant beneficial to students?

educational consultant

Is an abroad study consultant beneficial to students?

Why do so many students want to go abroad to further one‘s education these days?

Going abroad benefits students in a variety of ways because it broadens their horizons. They are aware of the various opportunities that arise as a result of international exposure, which greatly benefits students’ career prospects. Students should be well-versed in the procedures. abroad study consultant play an important role in deciding which college to apply to.

Here are some of the benefits that the students will have when an education consultant guides them.

  • An educational consultant can analyze your personality and choice. After that, they can give you the advice that suits your goals and ensures economic prospects.
  • An abroad study consultant can provide the most trustworthy information If you’re unaware of the ultimate trials in the field of education.
  • Even so, an educational consultancy can offer the most trustable information, If you’re looking for a list of all the colleges inside India and abroad.
  • If you are looking for a good university, academy, or course? The educational consultancy is your answer. They’ve all the information and partnership with the universities that can help you in admission.
  • They will prepare you for the admission and interview process and support you with all your needs.
  • Guidance for preparation for a competitive examination, along with the course and study material is available. Advice from field-specific experts is also available. They also help with test preparation like IELTS.
  • Career counseling assistance as per your capability is available from an educational consultant.
  • Educational Consultants also help with monetary concerns and are suitable to generate resources like scholarships for worthy appliers.
  • The abroad study consultants can give visa assistance as per country wise.
  • Schools, colleges, and universities can enhance their course- structure and educational services with the advice of an educational consultancy.


There are numerous study abroad educational consultancies available today. Some are field-specific, assisting students with admissions, while others cover broader topics such as career counseling, skill development, and so on.

You should be aware of all the services provided by an educational consultant. Fees, professionalism, experience, associations, reach, authorities, reviews, and qualifications are among them. To avoid disappointment, you should also be clear about your prospects and communicate with all of your businesses.

In Bangalore, EDUMIRCHI is a well-known abroad study consultant. It has a responsive portal with a bench of top educational experts. They are skilled in giving the best advice and services.

For a better career, you need to plan and work today. An Educational Consultant can be your key to success when studying abroad. With the proper guidance and advice, you just have to work hard and conquer all your dreams and desires.

To know more visit us @Edumirchi

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All about Study in Ireland | By Edumirchi Best Study Abroad Consultant

All about Study in Ireland by Edumirchi best Study Abroad Consultant

All About Study in Ireland :

About Ireland:

  • Ireland is located in the north‐west of Europe.
  • Politically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a part of the UK
  • Capital of Ireland is Dublin. Cork, Galway, Maynooth & Limerick are some of the popular cities of Ireland.
  • Official language of Ireland is Irish and English.
  • Population of Ireland is approximately 48 Lakhs and the Urban population of Dublin is approximately 13 Lakhs.
  • Currency of Ireland is Euro €
  • Flight duration from Delhi to Dublin: 12 hrs. 30 mins

Why Study in Ireland:

  • A friendly, safe country.
  • English speaking country.
  • World class Universities
  • Low cost of tuition fees & accommodation.
  • Internationally recognized qualifications
  • Extensive choice of courses.
  • European Headquarters of many IT & Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Masters degree of 1 year.
  • Post study work visa of up to 2 years
  • Chance to get indefinite right to stay


Types of Institutions:

1.Universities- 8 Nos

2.Institute of Technologies- 11 Nos

3.Private Colleges- Many


Institutions Represented:

1.Universities-  All 8

2.Institute of Technologies- 4 Nos

3.Private Colleges- 6 Nos


Types of Courses:

Level 5 – Certificate

Level 6- Diploma

Level 7- Degree

Level 8 – Honors Degree / PG Diploma

Level 9 – Master Degree


Post Study Work Visa ( Stay Back )

Level 7- Degree = 6 Months

Level 8 – Honors Degree / PG Diploma = 1 Year

Level 9 – Master Degree = 2 Years


Entry Requirements:

Academic Entry Requirement :

  • Bachelors:
  • Minimum 70% + in class 12th for Universities
  • 60% + in class 12th for Institute of Technologies
  • 55% + in class 12th for Colleges
  • Masters :
  • Minimum 60 % + in Graduation for Universities
  • Minimum 55 % + in Graduation for Institute of Technologies
  • Minimum 50 % + in Graduation for Colleges

IELTS Requirement :

UG Program- IELTS 6 with individual Band 5.5

PG Program : IELTS 6.5 with individual Band 6


1. IELTS 6 with no band less than 5.5 is also accepted in LIT for PG

2. DBS offers 2 months pre‐sessional English Language Course

if the student has IELTS 6 with no band less than 5.5 for PG


Bedgeting for one year study in ITP:

Sl No Particulars Amount INR
1 Tuition Fees 950000
2 Living Expenses (for Visa Purpose) 800000
3 Visa Fees 7000
4 Flight Ticket 30000

For Admissions:

Edumirchi study consultancy can guide you through the whole admission procedure to get into Collage in Ireland . 
Feel free to reach out to us or drop a comment below in case you have any doubts. Our expert consultants are here to help.

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How to get admission to BSc optometry college in Bangalore?

How to get admission to BSc optometry college in Bangalore?

BSc optometry college in Bangalore :

BSc Optometry full structure is Bachelor’s of Science in Optometry. Optometry is a healthcare profession dealing with vision care. Optometrists are not doctors but are the main medical professionals whose duties include sight testing, prescribing and diagnosis for further treatment.

The goal of the optometry curriculum is to educate students on the refractive characteristics of the human eye, visual aids, and the prescription for glasses and contact lenses.

Eligibility Criteria for admission to BSc optometry college in Bangalore:

To get admission, students will have to give an entrance test. The entrance test happens like a screening process for colleges to decide whom to give admission to:

  •  Pass in 10th  and 12th  with 40% in PCB
  •  The minimum age of admission is 17 to 35 yrs
  •  Should be less than 35years
  •  Admission intake is approved by the Government of Karnataka

For BSc optometry college admission in Bangalore, students must ensure that they know about the eligibility criteria. They must clear the entrance examinations and complete their 10th and +2 from an honored board. The admission selection process tends to be on a merit basis, and so students should get a minimum aggregate of 50 in their higher secondary.

How to Apply?

For admission to BSc optometry college in Bangalore, students must register through an online application for the entrance examination. There’s a specific national test for the course. Multiple colleges tend to host their own specific entrance exam for the course. After completing the form, they will have to give the college all the documents and certificates. Students must also find out information about the examination hall and its location.

Selection Process at BSc optometry college in Bangalore:

The selection process for admission to the BSc Optometry course is left to the individual colleges. But generally, most colleges tend to follow the same admission process. Most colleges have their own specific entrance tests, and they give admission based on that. Some colleges give admission purely based on high school marks.

Syllabus for BSc optometry :

The syllabus and subjects for BSc Optometry are decided by the colleges keeping in mind that this education will help future specialists perform the key treatments that people might need.

Listed below are some of the generic subjects which all colleges cover:

  • General Physiology
  • Practical Lab
  • Visual Optics
  • Optical Instrumentation
  • Eye Disorder Analysis

BSc in Optometry is a very promising course for students who are interested in the field of optometry.

Edumirchi study consultancy can guide you through the whole admission procedure to get into BSc optometry college in Bangalore. 
Feel free to reach out to us or drop a comment below in case you have any doubts. Our expert consultants are here to help.

Or you can submit your comment about your queries and ideas about BSc optometry college in Bangalore.