Journalism is that the concept of reporting news and up to date events through several upgraded platforms. it’s the foremost relied after medium for current happenings. Journalism covers all types of topics from every a part of the planet. The emergence of Journalism is traced way back in times newspaper is that the first most sort of journalism that helped in spreading news across people round the world.

The role and responsibility of journalists is consequential. Journalists are major a part of keeping people round the globe reported about the conditions and current happenings. it’s also vital for a journalist to understand all the ethics and practices of stories reporting. Masters in Journalism is that the specialized courses which prepares individuals to be wholly capable of being within the field.

Undoubtedly journalism may be a subject that needs rigorous practice and knowledge to enhance and become entirely functioning journalist. Studying the post graduation course of Journalism is vital for aspiring individuals because the program structure and guidance from experts of this media field will help future journalists to find out the moral skills and techniques of this prodigious topic.

Masters degree in Journalism may be a popularly offered course in international countries. Top colleges for Journalism guide students to know the importance of media and its effective methods of communication that has continuingly made people round the world conscious of the present scenarios. Journalism Masters Program is specifically designed to direct individuals to the understanding and techniques of performing the roles and responsibilities of a journalist.

Journalism may be a diverse field with various challenges and responsibilities which require thorough studying and capabilities that prove your efficiency within the field. Fortunately with times the sector of journalism has improved significantly with advanced methods and techniques that have made the method of reporting easier. However so, the responsibility of a journalist remains an equivalent which require qualities of performing the task effectively.

Masters in Journalism Program Structure :

• Ethics of Journalism and Mass Media

• Newsroom Applied Professional Practice

• New Media

• Research/Writing

• Journalism Law

• Data Journalism

Types of Journalism :

• Investigative Journalism

• Business Journalism

• Fashion Journalism

• Sports Journalism

• Film Journalism

• Technology Journalism

• Environmental Journalism

• Political Journalism

• Medical/Science Journalism

• Legal Journalism

Masters in Journalism programs abroad will equip students with skills and techniques of this mass media field. Post graduation in Journalism is popularly preferred as Masters in Arts Journalism (MA Journalism) or Masters of Science in Journalism (MSc Journalism). the simplest universities for journalism are situated in us of America, uk , Australia and Canada.

Full time and part time journalism programs are pertained in foreign universities. Online education system is additionally an option for post graduation Journalism programs. Individuals can work on part time basis that are paid which may be a touch help for one’s living. Individuals can work on part time jobs on visa that allows work for 20 hours per week. Duration of post graduation in Journalism ranges from 1 to 2 years after which one can either work or further study a doctorate degree in Journalism.

MA Journalism Eligibility :

• English Proficiency Test: IELTS or TOEFL or PTE

• Bachelor’s degree

• CV/Resume

• Letter of advice (LOR)

• Statement of Purpose (SOP)

• GRE and GMAT for MSc in Journalism (depends on the university)

Best Countries for Journalism

United Kingdom

Europe may be a wonderful continent for pursuing Journalism degree. Journalism course works are provided in several parts of Europe however the simplest source of data are often acquired at Europe’s education hub i.e. uk. Universities in UK offer this program with thorough research modules that improve an individual’s writing and communication skills. The breathtaking destinations in Europe also are one among the explanations why UK is taken into account for education.

To apply for Journalism Masters UK programs requirements include English proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores along side that a Bachelor’s degree acquired from a relevant university. Additional prior experience in journalism is very valued because the scope of improvement and growth is significantly high. MA Journalism syllabus prepares students for roles and responsibilities within the field. UK is great for education also the advantage of top media agencies within the country will help one in internship opportunities.

Tuition fee for Journalism in UK is cheaper than USA, accommodation facilities for college kids in UK is extremely reliable and convenient. Employment opportunities after completing this program also are considerably high. Masters of Arts in Journalism (MA Journalism) is that the most ordinarily offered program for college kids . Scholarship and financial assistance is obtainable for this program by banks and universities. Information regarding generic scholarships are often attained through online research or nearest education counselling centres.


Masters in Journalism Australia programs are preferred by several Indian students. The country has been ranked among best journalism schools within the world list. Australia may be a great destination for international cultural experience. The ever strong industry of journalism in Australia is sure to create experiences of freedom of press in true sense.

MA and MSc in Journalism programs are offered within the country. Requirements are same as other countries i.e. English proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores along side that a Bachelor’s degree from relevant university is mandatory. Tuition fee for Masters in Journalism in Australia is cheaper than most countries living expenses within the country are often high. Scholarships are offered for international students for this program. Financial assistance that covers most of the essential expenses is additionally available for college kids meaning to study abroad.


Canada is wonderful destination for experiencing multi-cultural diversity. The education system of Canada is extremely student-friendly. Communication and Journalism programs are offered in vast. Combined program of MA in Communication and Journalism will prepare individuals with better insights within the field that specialise in both the aspects.

Some public universities offer scholarships for Masters in Journalism. Tuition fee for this course is lesser than USA lifestyle in Canada is student-friendly and safe. Permanent residency visa also can be acquired considerably easy in Canada. English proficiency score IELTS or TOEFL are accepted within the universities of Canada. Other primary requirements include Bachelors degree and CV/Resume. Detailed secondary documents list are often attained through enquiring with the actual university.

Masters in Journalism career prospects:

• News Anchor

• Columnist

• Editor

• Copywriter

• Cameraperson

• Photo Journalist

• Content Manager

• Content Marketeer

• Photo Journalist

• Freelancer

Masters in Journalism salary packages entirely depends on the country, job designation and level of fluency within the field. Journalism is an in depth field with numerous opportunities of employment and learning experiences. The industry of journalism is growing every day making it one among the foremost desirable careers chosen within the world.