Creative Arts

Creative Arts is a broad term used to describe the field of Arts and as the name suggests, it a highly creative area of study. Usually, creative Arts is chosen by students who are inherently good at Arts like, painting, drawing, writing, photography, filming, acting, etc. This is a field where creativity, innovative thinking, imagination skills are extremely important. Creative Arts is basically the art of expressing your imagination into something that is appealing and attractive to the audience. Artists need professional training to transform their work according to the needs of the industry.

Creative Arts Prospects

Prospects to work as professional artists depend on many factors like which Art you are planning to pursue. Creative Artists can become part of a project or work independently. Working on a project mean to work with a peer group or collaborate with other artists and their team on a project. In recent times, Creative Artists have a good scope to use their creativity and blend it with technology to deliver a better and more enjoyable experience to the spectators.

Follow your passion for art and design

Whether you want to create a career as a cutting-edge graphic designer, are dreaming of becoming a painter or sculptor, want to become a musician or tell the world’s stories as a writer, it’s all possible.

You’ll learn the historical contexts for your field, and the theoretical knowledge that underpins your craft. You could also find yourself learning practical skills from the masters, in state-of-the-art classrooms and studios.

Here’s just some of the subjects you could explore:

  • Fine art

  • Acting and Film Production

  • Animation

  • Dance

  • Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Fashion

  • Journalism

  • Media and Communication

  • Music

  • Gaming and Entertainment Design

Lead a creative life in a field where you can excel

As a professional artist, designer or communicator, you’ll be part of an influential group of people who are shaping society. Whether you choose to work independently, or as part of a company, you’ll find yourself surrounded by motivated people who share your passion for creation.

  • Imagine spending your days in your studio creating new work, exhibiting at top international galleries and working on prominent commissions

  • See your name up in lights and become a leading actor, presenter or journalist

  • Write the next big novel or carve a career for yourself as a writer

  • With a qualification in design you could do anything from creating websites and online resources as a graphic designer, through to transforming homes as an interior designer

  • Start a career in fashion and see your designs on catwalks around the world

There really is no limit to what you can do with a career in art, design and communication.