The Art of Living Foundation in India, founded by his Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has in its vision & mission to revitalize the highly specialized ancient science of Ayurveda.

SSCASRH, a highly specialized Ayurvedic hospital, attached to the Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science and Research, is an initiative of the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Trust.
• The hospital ensures a perfect blend of modern diagnostic facilities with traditional Ayurveda treatments.
• The hospital reaches out to various people through a range of extension programs.
• The hospital offers a whole range of facilities for the comfort and well being of its inmates.
With modern state of the art diagnostic facilities, experienced specialists and trained support staff, the hospital is truly a world class centre in the ancient and time tested science of Ayurveda.
• More than 100 Ayurveda treatment at very economical prices.
• More than 1 lakh sq.ft area, with 2 Major Operation Theaters ,Superspecialty clinics in each branch of Ayurveda.
• In the midst of nature more than 15 individual Panchakarma treatment rooms.
• Panchakarma treatment rooms with traditional equipments and modern facilities.
• Department wise specialty treatment rooms, each room connected with WiFi ,Telecommunication , Public address system.
• Full fledged Major Operation Theater with monitoring devices.
• Full fledged labour room with well equipped neonatal care unit.
• Suvarnaprashana for small children below ten years on every month on the day of PUSHYA NAKSHATRA
• Eye unit with Auto refractometer, slit lamps and different treatments(Kriyakalpa).
• X-ray, ECG, Ultrasonography and lab facilities with Auto analyser.
• Full fledged Ano-Rectal clinic with Kshara therapy facility.
• Team of experts of other disciplines for consultation.
• Senior experienced consultants(Acharya Parishad) of Ayurveda for consultation.
• Highly experienced therapists.
• 130 bedded hospital.
• Different categories of accommodation, special diet as per doctors’ advice, yoga consultation.
• Preventive measures advice etc, meditation hall and satsang everyday.
• Ayurveda pharmacy, Nadi pareeksha and Marma chikitsa.
• A traditional Dhanwantari temple.
• Customised Ayurveda Software installation in Pharmacy,Front Office,Lab etc.

Special projects on different specialties of Ayurveda:-

o Mooladhara : Complete Anorectal care.
o Srinetra : Complete Eyecare.
o Sri Sri Suvarnaprashana : Complete Child care.
o Soundarya : Complete Skin & Hair care.
o Supraja : Complete Maternity care.
o Madhumehanashini : Complete Diabetic care.
o Rutushodhana : Complete Seasonal Care by Detoxification


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