Scope and Opportunities for Optometry.

Ophthalmic Optics is a science, which deals with the structure, function and working of the human eye. Popularly known as Optometry, this health care profession is concerned with examination, diagnosis and treatment of eyes, specially related to visual, optical symptoms, refractive errors and their correction, using lenses and other optical aids. The scope for optometric practice in India and abroad is great and unlimited. It is a dynamic and challenging career which could achieve personal growth, community respect and offers job flexibility, financial success and unlimited opportunities.

Optometrists or optometric physicians are primary eye care and health professionals concerned with vision care. They are experts in determining one’s refractive error and prescribing appropriate correction. They deal with vision screening (eye testing), diagnosis of visual problems, orthoptics and vision training, optometric counseling of patients with partial sight, colour blindness and hereditary vision defects, and designing and fitting of spectacles, contact lens and low vision aids.

Though Optometry goes hand in hand with Ophthalmology in treatment of Visual disorders, Optometrists should not be confused with ophthalmologists or dispensing opticians. An optometrist performs all the tasks of an ophthalmologist, short of surgery. Ophthalmologists (Eye M.D’s) are trained physicians specialized in eye and vision care who perform eye surgery, as well as diagnose and treat eye diseases and injuries.

India needs 115,000 optometrists; whereas India has approximately 9000 optometrists (4-year trained) and 40,000 eye care personnel (2-year trained). In order to prevent blindness or visual impairment more well trained optometrists are required in India. It should be noted that definition of optometry differs considerably in different countries of the world. India needs more optometry schools offering four-year degree courses with a syllabus similar to that in force in those countries where practice of optometry is statutorily regulated and well established with an internationally accepted definition.Thus, Optometry has got a wide range opportunities for the upcoming youngsters.

Those who Complete Bsc Optometry will be getting a package around Rs.15,000 – 20000 for freshers.

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