Pharmacy Education in India

Pharmacy is the art and science of discovery/invention of molecules with medicinal value, preparation of suitable dosage forms for administration of drugs in man and animals and their quality control. Getting educated in the field of Pharmacy opens the window to a wide arena of careers.

Fields of Pharmacy

  • Community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Clinical Services
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Research & Development
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical – Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmacoinformatics
  • Academics

Fields of Pharmacy Career

From ancient times Pharmacy is known as a branch of healthcare services. Today, the discipline of Pharmacy has made enormous progress in production and research. It has attained independent status as pharmaceutical sciences encompassing following stages:

  • Product Development of a Drug
  • New Inventions and Discovery
  • Identification of Medicinal Substances
  • Purity Test
  • Drug Safety
  • Drug Formulation
  • Application of Drugs
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Marketing
  • Stability Studies

Thus, today’s pharmaceutical professional is a drug expert in a true sense. Basically the course offers graduation in Pharmaceutical sciences which is the minimum qualification accepted for a registered pharmacist in most of the developed countries. This course teaches students how to prepare and dispense medicine and make the students to convey the drug related information to the public. This course enables graduates to clear doubts about the prescriptions given by the doctors and can give more valuable advices on the health care programs. Pharmacy graduates are capable of evaluating drugs and drug use pattern.

Career of Pharmacist in US and Western Countries

In the western countries, we understand diagnosis of the patients is done by the Doctors but the Pharmacists decide the medicines and their dosage. Therefore, Pharmacy graduates have important role and can earn attractive remuneration and can occupy strategic positions.

In the fast developing world, research and Development (R & D) in the pharmaceutical industry is progressing and advancing at a very high speed which calls for pharmacy graduates with attractive financial package in spite of the economic crisis prevailing now.

Graduates can attain highest qualification like Pharm D, M.Pharm and demand higher salary. Graduates can look into most advancing branches in Genetic Engineering, Bio informatics, Nano Technology, Nuclear Pharmacology, Nutraceuticals etc.

Career Scope for Pharmacy Professionals

A career in pharmacy unfolds a vista full of opportunities leading to a golden future for a young career aspirant. The job opportunities, working conditions, job satisfaction and monetary benefits are excellent. The various vocations a pharmacy professional can opt, for, are discussed below


After 5th pay scale and AICTE rules and regulation, most of Post Graduate candidates are choosing academic field as profession because of job satisfaction, facility for higher education and research, social status and comfort. Promotion scheme in academia is well defined by the regulatory bodies with a definite service length i.e., Lecturer, Sr. Lecturer, Reader, Associate Professor, Professor, Principal/ Director.

Higher Education

There are many opportunities in higher education M.Pharm in various branches are sanctioned by AICTE in those institutes, which have prescribed facilities for the same. Branches of Master in Pharmacy – Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Biotechnology etc.

Drug Inspector

The Central and State Governments are empowered to appoint Drugs Inspectors and to assign them definite areas. Drug Inspectors are deemed to be public servants and are officially sub-ordinate to Licensing Authority. Drug inspectors are important component of drug regulatory activity.


A pharmacy graduate can work as a production person, chemist, Production Manager, officer, executive, manager, Director, President, Vice-president etc. involved in the production of dosage form and policies, research in different areas. Pharmacy professionals also have opportunities in production of ayurvedic preparations and veterinary products as well as bulk drugs and cosmetics.


After Graduation a student can opt for M Pharm and PhD courses. Personnel with adequate experience in research are in great demand in the various areas of Pharmacy; Novel Drug delivery system, Quality control, New Drug Discovery Research, Designing of Dosage Form, Process Development (P & D), Contract Research etc.
Formulation and Development, Biological Products, Clinical Trials and Bioequivalence.

Analysis and Testing

Excellent quality and purity of drugs /dosage forms are required for human use. Identification and characterization of these are required in production, storage and during the handling of finished product. Quality control and quality assurance have assumed enormous importance in view of current GMP regulations.


Marketing is one of the challenging jobs in the field of Pharmacy because it is different as compared to other business. The Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing is a highly technical field and offers excellent opportunities for the pharmacy graduates. MBA degree after B. Pharm. enhances job opportunities.

Regulatory Affairs

Drug Control Administration is the main regulatory body governing and implementing the rules and regulations for the pharmaceutical industry. The job opportunities for Pharmacy graduates are excellent but challenging in this field. In the current scenario pharmacy graduates and postgraduates are in high demand for patent filing and global expansion of drug manufacturing activities.

Pharmaceutical Journalism

Pharmaceutical journalism has great potential. This requires specialist technical personnel to cover various aspects related to the field of Pharmacy.


Most of experienced pharmacy professionals are providing consultancy to Industry and also earning a handsome amount in hand and popularity. Consultancy services in Pharmacy are offered in various fields i.e. regulatory affairs, manufacturing, analytical services, documentation, approvals, research, marketing policies, etc.

Self employment

  • Pharmacy Graduate can establish his own manufacturing facilities and register the same.
  • Documentation, Library Information Services for pharmacy industry and pharmacy academics
  • Journalism for pharmaceutical periodicals and journals: most of the major Indian Pharmaceutical companies have established separate documentation departments with a highly technical & skilled staff for this purpose. And also R & D & Q. C. departments of the Pharmaceutical Companies need Library Information services. Pharma- Journalism is already developed into a very lucrative business and is offering lot of job opportunities too.

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