Parent Engagement Models That Works

Parent Engagement Models That Works

Parent engagement is about knowing things from the real mean and also leading with our ears instead of our mouths.

Administrators and teachers at many schools, particularly in urban areas, often voice frustration at the lack of parents involvement. It is true that parent like their kids school also needs to understand about their kids interests and evolve the engagement model very practically

Sometime ago, I made visits to one of my kids friends parents. These kids were friends with my son from same class and same school. In those conversations, I asked parents what challenges they were facing in adapting to life in India, and particularly look at their future studies. Learning Math; Science & English was typically the first issue they raised.

One parent said he was impressed with what they had seen their children do at school using practical approach of learning science and math, and also using computer and internet access, which some of the urban schools are privileged with. I asked them if they knew other parents who might have the same concern and interest. They did, and maybe could bring them together and we could discuss if there was any way to do something about it. As readily agreed, the parents met along with their children and school administrators and teachers

Several meetings later- the school had developed a program of meeting the parents once in a month, assessing what students can be good at. The best example in the world of using technology to teach reading has resulted in students showing three to four times greater improvement in their English assessments than those in the control group without home computers.

That process, which began by asking parents individually to share stories of their challenges; then moved to them sharing those same stories with other parents; then to working with parents to develop a different interpretation of what might be potential new ways to respond to those problems; and finally moving to a jointly developed action, is a model for an effective parent engagement strategy.

Parent engagement efforts using that model have resulted in the formation of wonderful communion of parent-teacher relationship. Research has shown that increased student achievement has also been an important effect of that kind of partnership.

This suggestion are very well proposed in all the high schools, higher secondary schools, so that the career of the students can be well aware of their likes and advancements based on their abilities and strengths, which results in their academic achievements and boosted as catalyst to take up their professional studies and subject of their interests to new high, thus building superior opportunities into admission to good and recognized institutions

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