Online MBA

Online MBAprogram is done through using internet facility. MBA aspirants register and login to specified online web platform for learning. In the web platform there will be online tutorials, recorded classes as well as live and interactive classrooms depending on the program and institute you registered with.

Jaipur National University

Jaipur National University is now providing distance education through multimedia channels. JNU University is ranked among top 50 universities by India Today and is one of the top universities in Rajasthan. We provide various blended and inter-disciplinary distance education programs of education and research in the country.
JNU was established by the Govt. of Rajasthan in the year 2007.
The University was established by the combination of two professional institutes that were formed in 2002 by the Seedling Group. These institutes were amalgamated and various new programs were introduced to create the Jaipur National University.
In 2008, the University was accredited and the programs were granted an approval by the experienced panel of UGC members under clause 2 (f) of the UGC Act. 1956.
With the creation of the School of Distance Education & Learning, JNU has made education accessible to those aspirants who could not be a part of regular stream of education for some reason.
The School of Distance Education and Learning of the University has also received an approval from the Joint Committee of UGC-DEB.
In a short span of time , JNU has marked its presence in the country because of its commitment towards providing quality education.
JNU is also a respected member of AIU (Association of Indian Universities).
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Don Bosco University

Envisioned to provide quality university degree programs on an online platform to students and working professionals across the world, DBUG uses the latest in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the power of the Internet to reach out to students around the world.
The Don Bosco ethos of ensuring that every student gets equal access to quality education, regardless of his or her background, also holds true at DBU Global.
Working in close collaboration with University18, Indias first and largest e-education platform, DBU Global delivers programs to an audience across the nation and abroad. Using a state-of-the-art virtual Classroom platform, DBU Global students attend classes over the internet, interacting with professors teaching at some of the finest institutions of the nation, and fellow students placed across the globe.

Executive Education

Executive Education carries a special focus at Don Bosco University. The Working Professional of today needs programs that bridge the gap between academia and the needs of a career in the global workplace. No longer can a individual go through an entire career, without up skilling himself.

Online Programs at DBU Global

Chances are you’ve been looking for a Continuing Education Program to help your Career.

Courses & Programs

The Degree Programs at DBU Global are designed for the working professional of the 21st Century. Each program is composed of carefully chosen courses, hand-picked for their relevance to the global corporate and business environment today.
The Degree Programs at DBU Global are designed for the working professional of the 21st Century. Each program is composed of carefully chosen courses, hand-picked for their relevance to the global corporate and business environment today.
For instance, the Management Programs at DBU cover topics relevant to both the complex financial structures that companies operate in, as well as the constant strategic and innovative maneuvers that a business has to adapt with to stay competitive.
DBU’s IT programs on the other hand, keep pace with the fast changing world of Information Technology, with syllabi and content being updated and revalidated every year. The MS in IT, a two year program for IT and Technology professionals looking for a postgraduate degree, focuses on contemporary trends like Ubiquitous Computing (ipads, tablets, smart homes!) and the Cloud.
If career relevance and knowledge factor anywhere in your reasons for choosing a continuing education program, then you can’t go wrong with DBU.

Post Graduate Program


  • Executive MBA
  • Master of Business Administration
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Strategy
  • MBA in Technology Management

Information Technology

  • Master of Computer Applications

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