Career Guidance for MBA

The idea of our Career Guidance help our students to Map their own career, Assess the current level and performance indicators, Future enablers, Articles on career resourcesandtool-kit, Career samples and lot of free content to enhance the individual to take up the current and future corporate challenges with quintessential career growth.

The managerial career path of 21st century is more and more complex. The management career path is not a straight line. Nor is it the same for everyone. Yet all management career paths have a starting point. All have milestones along the way. Each path leads managers to what they need to know based on where you are in your career and where your interests lie. On each visit you can go further along the path, retrace steps along the same path, or start down a new path.

We initialize the first start, learning more about you. The modes can be various through reading books, browsing websites, career information over newspaper or journals and through reference. We make our honest approach, assimilate the most current data and information related to your career, engage a professional association and explore to best of our ability. In short, we personalize your career service.

Lets begin through your observation. Observe. Be curious. Whatever you see around you, wonder where it came from, how it got there, who made it, who thought of it, who maintains it, who writes about it, who teaches it, who improves it, who uses it. Youll get ideas from watching the news, going to a concert, walking through the city, shopping for a new suit, or watching a new building going up.

When you have ideas, write them down. Every now and then, review your list and see what the elements have in common. The important thing to do is to start somewhere. You can pick a direction and do some internship to see how you like it. It is being said now that people will have several careers over the course of their life-times. That means careers, not jobs. So dont be too stressed out by this process; a life-time of adventure awaits you.

Rejoice our Career services

We dedicate with a resource staff (Career Guide/ Career Counselor) committed full time to our students at EDU-MIRCHI. We thrust a variety of services and support as a continuous phenomenon. Our mission is to realize their career goals.

Our promise helps students learn to manage their career, prepares them to attract the ideal employers in order to obtain their desired job, and provides training on the characteristics and behaviors desired by companies.

The referred Fig. A to E gives you the illustrations of the Organizational expectations from an Individual who takes up their career, need to demonstrate the set of knowledge, skill and attributes to the fullest. We hope our EDU-MIRCHI community will learn and benefits from our effort to enrich our talents grow.

Fig A

The schematic representation of the Generic industry expectation of the Management professional given


Fig B

The below illustration speaks about the organizational dimension of how the Professionals are checked


Current shortfalls of Management professional

  • Immature discipline (Craft?? Commerce?? Profession??)
  • Heterogeneous input from B-Schools
  • Business and applications are prime drivers of technology
  • Gaps in Formal Education need to focus on
    • Knowledge of permanent value and not fleeting skills (Mindset and attitude)
    • Synthesis abilities along with analytical abilities
    • Abstraction capabilities and not solution schemes for a given problem
    • Holistic thinking
    • Problem solving orientation

Bridging the GAP

  • Focus on strengthening the fundamentals
  • Ability to relate real life problems
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach
  • Improve abstraction capabilities
  • Reading habits
  • Career orientation
  • Customization and variety management

B-School professional: Evolution

  • Personality type (Myers-Briggs Personality Model)
  • Introversion (vs. Extroversion)
  • Sensing (vs. Intuition)
  • Thinking (vs. Feeling)
  • Judging (vs. Perceiving)
  • Delivering (vs. Execution)
  • Connecting (vs. Decision)


  • Ability to move across the spectrum, like an oscillating pendulum
  • Evolving Management Profession (barely 50 year old worldwide, still younger in India)

Fig C

Business Skills, what are they?


Fig D

Soft Skills, what are they?


Fig E

How candidates get rated in Interviews:


Career Resources

At EDU-MIRCHI, we believe in providing exceptional service to each and every student of us. It is our goal to serve in the most efficient and effective manner possible and initiate our Career Resource to the maximum.

Our Career resources will contain article in terms of Informed, Support & Mandatory list of topics and write ups from experts, panels and shared resources. We also welcome our students view and participation on the same which will enable us to have an interactive and commendable role in deriving the well accomplished career and a fantastic kick start.

Need for Career Services

We empower EDU-MIRCHI community to utilize our career resources and gain an optimal understanding, improve and perform as a positive workforce.

The advantages for our students are as follows

  • One convenient source for all the career information
  • Guidance and expert advice on all the job-hunting aspects
  • Job-search and related details for finding jobs
  • Tips, resources, samples and examples to help you write a better resume and cover letter
  • Information on interview preparedness
  • Techniques necessary to negotiate salaries
  • Strategies for successfully changing careers
  • One–stop access to major job boards, access to employers career sites
  • Review and analysis of key career assessment tools
  • Large selection of free career and job-hunting articles and tutorials
  • Subscriptions to career and job-hunting electronic newsletter
  • Focus on sharpening career directions and self-learning guides
  • Opportunities for internships, part timers, project/research related area

Advantage for Employers

  • Job-search portal for finding high-quality candidates and posting job openings
  • Resources geared to help make filling positions easier
  • Opportunity to include company career center’s Website in our directory
  • Subscription of organizational news letter
  • Information of the student professional activity and assignments.

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